Optometric Advisory Council

The Versant Health Optometric Advisory Council was formed to assist us in assessing our policies, procedures, and programs to ensure the optometric community’s needs are appropriately addressed. Our intention is to build a stronger connection between Versant Health and the eye care professionals that serve our members. Members of the Optometric Advisory Council have the opportunity to provide our management with knowledge, expertise, and perspective that will enhance the programs we implement that effect the optometric community and ultimately our membership.

The council is led by Dr. Bryan M. Rogoff of EyeExec Consulting.

"We formed the Optometric Advisory Council as a commitment to building meaningful vision care programs and policies that are informed by the critical expertise of the eye care professionals who serve our members."

James Reid, Chief Executive Officer

Members of the Council

Members are made up of optometric leaders from across the country, each bringing a unique perspective to the council.

Headshot of Bryan Rogoff

Dr. Bryan M. Rogoff

Founder of EyeExec Consulting

Headshot of Darryl Glover

Dr. Darryl Glover

Cofounder of Defocus Media and Optometrist at MyEyeDr.

Headshot of David Heitmeier

Dr. David Heitmeier

Owner of Heitmeier and Armani
Medical and Surgical Eyecare

Headshot of Dorothy Hitchmoth

Dr. Dorothy Hitchmoth

Consultant of Dr. Dorothy L. Hitchmoth PLLC

Headshot of Fayiz Mahgoub

Dr. Fayiz Mahgoub

Founder and CEO of Augmented Vision Labs

Headshot of James Deom

Dr. James Deom

Partner Hazleton Eye Specialists and Stroudsburg
Eye Specialists

Headshot of Joseph Pizzimenti

Dr. Joseph Pizzimenti

Professor at the Rosenberg School of Optometry at the University of the Incarnate Word

Headshot of Justin Bazan

Dr. Justin Bazan

Owner of Park Slope Eye and Cofounder of
Young ODs of America

Headshot of Kelly Norland

Dr. Kelly Norland

Owner of Spirit Lake Eyecare Center and past President of Iowa Optometric Association

Headshot of Linda Chous

Dr. Linda Chous

Owner of The Glasses Menagerie
and Former Chief Eye Care
Officer of UnitedHealth Care

Headshot of Matthew Jones

Dr. Matthew Jones

Owner of Family Eye Care and past President of the Arkansas Optometric Association

Headshot of Nikki Iravani

Dr. Nikki Iravani

Founder and CEO at EyeXam and former VP of Clinical and Professional Affairs for CooperVision

Headshot of Peter Kehoe

Dr. Peter Kehoe

President at Kehoe Eye Care P.C. and Past-President of the American Optometric Association

Headshot of Selina McGee

Dr. Selina McGee

Owner at Precision Vision of Edmond, McGee Consulting and President of the Oklahoma
Association of Optometric Physicians

Headshot of Thomas Cheezum

Dr. Thomas Cheezum

Billing and coding consultant for Tidewater Optometric Consulting Services, LLC

Headshot of Joshua Gordon

Dr. Joshua S. Gordon, O.D.

Optometrist with specialties in dry eye, ocular surface disease, and complex contact lenses