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Seven Reasons Prescription Sunglasses Are a Must for Eye Health

When you think of sunglasses, fashion may be the first thing to come to mind. You know that they serve a function, but the importance of having and wearing sunglasses every time you’re outside may not be fully clear.

There are some very important reasons that you should wear your sunglasses every time, and we’ll show you why prescription sunglasses are the best way to maintain eye health.

1) They block high-energy visible (HEV) light (blue light)

Blue light is well-known these days as the light that we see when we view our devices, however, blue light is also in the normal spectrum of visible light. If it weren’t, then we wouldn’t see the sky as blue. Colors are light waves bouncing off objects toward our eyes.

Blue light can have a negative impact to your eye health and contributes to macular degeneration and other eye health issues1.Wearing prescription sunglasses block HEV light to reduce your risk of developing these problems.

2) They reduce your chances of getting cataracts

Maybe you spend a lot of time in the sun because you love the outdoors, enjoy days out on the water or work outside. Whatever the reason, you’re at a heightened risk for developing cataracts.

Approximately 20% of cataracts can be prevented by reducing your eye’s prolonged exposure to the sun2.Prescription sunglasses block Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) that can lead to cataracts.

If you haven’t yet been diagnosed, prescription sunglasses can help prevent the disease.

3) They help prevent & slow macular degeneration & other eye health issues

Those who have already been diagnosed with macular degeneration may be able to reduce the effects of the condition as well as slow its progression by wearing eye protection3. If you haven’t yet been diagnosed, prescription sunglasses can help prevent the disease.

Other, less common eye concerns can also be caused by too much UV exposure. They include:

  • Pterygium: a white tissue grows over the retina that can distort the shape of the front surface of the eye, causing astigmatism and other aberrations
  • Pingueculae: sunburn of the cornea that can cause irritation
  • Photokeratitis: a yellow, thickening area in the white of the eye that can cause pain, sensitivity to light and headaches

Prescription sunglasses help reduce your chances of developing these conditions.

4) They reduce the signs of aging

We’re not just talking about sun exposure. When you squint to see in bright light you bunch the delicate skin around the eyes. This may cause you to prematurely develop fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes4.

When you wear prescription sunglasses to protect eye health, you’re also helping maintain a more youthful appearance.

5) They protect your eyes from projectiles

Lawnmower, cars, and power tools are just a few of the fast-moving machines that can throw objects like rocks and sticks into your eye. These projectiles typically do not aim right for the eye, but because the eye is so susceptible to damage, it doesn’t have a chance when the angle happens to be just right5.

While serious damage from projectiles is less common than cataracts of macular degeneration, it’s a very instant consequence of not wearing eye protection.

6) They can replace your regular glasses

Maybe you love the way to look in your glasses. Perhaps you can’t or don’t want to wear contacts. You don’t get the same protection from UVA, UVB and HEV when wearing your regular prescription glasses. But wearing sunglasses over your regular glasses is awkward and inconvenient. It doesn’t make the fashion statement that you’d like to make.

Whether you choose a transitioning lens or a pair of sunglasses, you need this extra protection when you’re out in the sun.

7) You can Be certain of the protection you’re getting

Finally, all sunglasses are required to have some UV protection. Some have more than others. Paying more for brand name glasses doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting all of the protection that you need.

The only way to be certain that you’re getting the protection that you need is to invest in your eyesight with prescription sunglasses. Check with your eye doctor to discuss what options may be suitable for you.

Prescription sunglasses can help you keep them healthy and your eyesight strong.

Healthy eyes need protection

You rely on your eyes to help you maintain your independence. They allow you to continue to do the things you love to do. These very essential organs of your body are also fragile. Prescription sunglasses can help you keep them healthy and your eyesight strong.


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