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Contact Lens Safety Month

Written by Dr. Darryl Glover

Whether it’s a night on the town with the ladies or shooting hoops with the fellas, sometimes glasses are just not ideal. Luckily, contact lenses are another option to provide acute and natural vision.  

A contact lens is a thin plastic medical device that covers the cornea to help one see the world sharply. Contacts come in numerous wearing modalities: daily, biweekly, monthly, and annual.  Although there are many options, sharing your lifestyle with your eye care professional will help you find the safest lens option to accommodate your lifestyle.  

In order to enjoy and see clearly with your contacts, please follow the contact lens safety tips below.

Contact Lens Safety Tips

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before inserting or removing your contacts 
  • Never store or clean your contacts in water 
  • Wear your contact lens as prescribed by your eye care professional and use contact lens solution recommended by your eye care professional
  • Remove contacts before any activity that involves water such as bathing or swimming 
  • Store contact lenses in the storage case recommended by your eye care professional. Storage cases should be replaced every three months.

If you have experienced discomfort or poor vision with your contacts, schedule an appointment today with your local eye care professional. 

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