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Cost of Care Savings to You, Quality Services for Your Members

Members Value Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is one of the most sought-after benefits when Medicare Advantage members are selecting a health plan, says Megan Ryczek, Versant Health’s regional vice president of government health plan sales. Almost 40% of seniors say health care costs are their biggest financial concern, so having access to good eye care is important to health plan members.

Versant Health’s inaugural vision wellness study found that for 40% of consumers costs deter them or their family members from visiting an eye care professional as often as they would like. Having access to vision insurance may help allay some of those financial concerns for consumers. The study found that 7 of 10 consumers place a high value on the ability of eye care professionals to identify eye disease and other serious health conditions.

Detecting Diseases and Conditions

A regular eye exam can help detect more than two dozen chronic conditions, and 20% of people with diabetes learned of their disease because of an eye exam. That’s important because almost 70% of seniors are managing or treating conditions that are related to vision or eye health.

Vision loss affects 37 million Americans who are above the age of 50, and seniors account for 75% of those who are legally blind due to glaucoma. Cataracts also are a concern, and almost half of Americans have cataracts by the age of 75. Routine eye exams also can detect such conditions as diabetes and early-stage hypertension, Ryczek says.

Health Plans Support Routine Eye Exams 

Health plan managers also place a high value on routine eye exams for their members, Versant Health’s second annual wellness study found.

For the 17 health plan executives who were surveyed, all appreciated the fact that routine eye exams can help with the early detection of various health conditions. Almost 95% say the exams can help reduce health plans’ eye care costs and lower members’ out-of-pocket costs. And nearly 90% say eye exams enhance member satisfaction with their total health.

Saving Money for Health Plans 

Health plan managers also are looking for other ways to manage members’ health care and health care costs. Almost 95% look for health care cost transparency and almost 90% value consumerism in health care. More than 80% appreciate value-based and shared-risk payer-provider arrangements and a similar percentage look to non-traditional or technology-based providers that enable remote care, the second annual wellness study found.

Early detection of both eye conditions and other serious medical conditions can help save money for health plans by reducing the medical costs of Medicare Advantage members, Ryczek says. And Versant Health offers coverage and outreach designed to increase diabetic retinopathy examinations and glaucoma screenings.

Working with Versant Health can help health plan executives save money on health care costs while boosting Medicare Advantage members’ satisfaction with their vision insurance.

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