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How Frame Sizes Work

Looking good while seeing clearly is easy with all of the available lenses and coatings out there.

You found them. Created by your favorite designer. In the perfect shape. And they are just the right color. You have spent days searching for the most spectacular eyeglass frames ever to come into existence. Then your dreams shatter. Your doctor tells you they just won’t work with your prescription lenses and now you have to start all over again.

Even though fashion may be in the forefront of your mind when selecting frames, remember that form does indeed follow function. Certain lenses just won’t fit into certain frames. Maybe your lenses are too thick or too small to work with a particular frame. Keeping your prescription lenses in mind when selecting your frames will save you a lot of time, and maybe even some heartbreak.

However, do not lose hope! New innovations in lens technology are widening the selection of frames for nearly every prescription. Hi-Index lenses are making higher prescriptions available in a thinner lens so there is less of a “soda bottle” effect. Progressive lenses provide multifocal vision without a lined lens. You can even have lenses whose tinting level varies with the degree of light they are exposed to, by choosing a photochromic lens.

Looking good while seeing clearly is easy with all of the available lenses and coatings out there. Just talk to your doctor about your options and then picking out that dream frame will be simple. After all, your eyeglasses are just another expression of your individuality, right?

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