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Raising Awareness About Vision and Learning

August is National Children’s Vision & Learning Month. With children preparing to start a new school year, it’s more important than ever for us to educate our patients on the relationship between vision and learning. We all take the time to educate patients in the exam room, but how can we reach the patients who we don’t get to see but who may need us most? Here are a few ideas:

Share Vision and Learning Facts on Your Social Media

Consider sharing one of the facts below to help patients connect the dots between vision and learning.

  • Good vision is critical to academic success: 80% of learning happens through our visual system.1
  • Vision is more than 20/20 eyesight:  Human vision is a complex ability that is comprised of 17 distinct visual skills.2
  • Vision screenings are not enough: School-based vision screenings only test a small subset of visual skills and can fail to identify as many as 75% of children with binocular and oculomotor vision problems.3 
  • Poor vision can create big obstacles for children: In addition to impacting academic success, untreated vision problems can lead to reduced self-esteem and behavioral problems in children.4

Share Articles About Vision and Learning on Social Media

Consider sharing one of the articles below to help patients gain a deeper understanding of the link between vision and learning.

Include a Call to Action

Here is an example of a simple call to action. The best way to ensure that your child has the necessary visual skills to fulfill their academic potential is by ensuring they receive a comprehensive vision exam. Click here to book an exam for your child today.

Fayiz Mahgoub OD, Versant Health Optometric Advisory Council Member (OAC)


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