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The Benefits of Dedicated Account Management

Navigating health insurance can be complicated and confusing, but when it comes to providing vision insurance for your Medicare Advantage members, Versant Health’s dedicated account management team can help so you don’t have to go it alone.

Versant Health’s Approach to Account Management

You’ll be paired with a dedicated account manager at Versant Health who understands the needs of your Medicare Advantage plan members and has experience working with clients similar to yours in terms of demographics, location, single jurisdiction or multi-jurisdiction, and size.

Your dedicated account manager will also provide the kind of individual attention you need—someone who understands your health plan strategies and works to ensure you receive the most value from the many products and services Versant Health offers.

Key Benefits of Dedicated Account Management

By teaming up with Versant Health, you’ll have a single, dedicated, go-to resource who can help you every step along the way. Among the many benefits of Versant Health account management are that we:

  • Work to address your questions, needs, and concerns
  • Respond thoroughly, thoughtfully, and promptly
  • Are highly trained subject matter experts
  • Are dedicated to your success
  • Take time to understand your goals so we can best represent them
  • Pay attention to market and client trends to serve as your trusted advisor
  • Can help you select appropriate health plan products

And you can always trust that we have the resources and information you need to help meet ever-changing regulatory and compliance requirements.

Tapping into Versant Health’s Experience

Versant Health, which has more than 20 years of experience in the vision insurance business, is the largest vision benefits provider for government plans in the US and delivering quality vision care for members is our highest priority.

As a result of our growth and longevity, Versant Health has tremendous experience and insights into market demands and trends. In addition, our experiences from numerous Medicare clients and their respective markets are shared among the entire government programs team, raising our overall business IQ and ability to serve your needs.

Our decades of experience give Versant Health insight into market demands and trends, and our dedication to top-notch account management is just one of the benefits of a partnership with Versant Health.

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