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Tips for Optimal Eye Health through Nutrition and Quality Care

Maintaining the health of your vision is important. Regular eye exams, proper nutrition and wearing the right protective gear are all ways that you can help protect your vision for the future. While there are certain changes that occur with your vision over time, how you treat your vision can have a big impact on your overall eye health as you get older. From getting routine eye exams, to calling your eye doctor if you experience a problem, early treatment for any vision problem is the best way to prevent long term damage.

Protect your eyes with UV sunglasses

An excellent way to keep your eyes healthy is to use protection when you are out in the sun. When you wear sunglasses that prevent UV-A and UV-B rays from reaching your eyes, you are helping to prevent a number of eye diseases as you get older. Over time, vision loss can occur from macular degeneration caused by UV ray exposure. Cataracts can also form with too much exposure to UV rays, particularly to UV-B rays. Corneal sunburns can cause both short-term and long-term damage, and you can get a corneal sunburn from staring at the sun for too long. Review additional facts about sunlight and your eyes here.

Get all vision problems checked right away

If your vision suddenly changes, it’s time to go see your eye doctor. While the change may not mean anything, you could have a problem that is going to get worse without treatment. For example, if you start to experience flashing lights that are red, this can indicate a retinal detachment. This is an issue that can be treated surgically, but if you ignore the problem it can cause permanent damage to your vision. In addition, you should be seeing your eye doctor for a routine exam every year to make sure your eyes are healthy. What else can an eye exam detect? Find out here.

Use safety glasses when working

Whether you are spending time in your workshop or you are underneath your car making repairs, it’s important to protect your eyes. A small accident can cause chemicals or a foreign object to become embedded into your eye, that could have been prevented if you were wearing the right safety gear. When you are beginning a new hobby, always find out what type of protective gear is recommended so that you keep your eyes safe. You can learn more about the value of safety eyewear here.

Clean contacts appropriately

When you are a contact lens wearer, make sure that you clean your contacts as directed each night. If you are falling asleep in your contacts and you’re not supposed to, this can lead to irritation in your eyes. Poorly cleaned contact lenses can lead to an eye infection, causing you problems with your vision. Know how to take care of your contact lenses and don’t wear disposable lenses any longer than is recommended.

Get the right nutrition

In order for your eyes to remain healthy, you need to get the proper nutrition for eye health. Carrots are known to be good for your eyes, and with good reason. Carrots are full of beta-carotene, the precursor to Vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiencies can lead to blindness, and plays a significant role in eye health. In order to have healthy eyes, you also need plenty of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids. All of these nutrients can reduce your chances of developing cataracts and help stop vision loss caused by macular degeneration. Green leafy vegetables are great sources of the necessary vitamins and lutein, while omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, seeds and nuts. Additional information on recommended food can be found in our article here.

Avoid eye strain whenever possible

If you work at a desk for long periods of time, make sure that you have the proper lighting to avoid eye strain. In addition, working at a computer all day can be taxing on your eyes. Make sure that you take breaks away from the screen so that your eyes can take a rest. If you need to use reading glasses, stop squinting and get yourself a pair. If you feel your eyes getting tired, take a short walk away from the computer screen. When you focus on preventing eye strain, you will see a reduction in the number of headaches you get as well.

It’s important to take care of your eyes. Always wear the right protection for the activity you are participating in. Get regular eye exams and call your eye doctor if you notice any problems. Focus on eating the right foods for a healthy body, and you will be giving your eyes the nutrition they need. You will be able to prevent or slow down certain eye diseases when you do what you can to protect your eye health.


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