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Utilize Your Vision Benefits

As 2020 comes to a close and we prepare for the upcoming year, it’s time to wrap up any loose ends pertaining to routine healthcare. One item that is often overlooked is vision. It’s easy to take our eyes and sight for granted until a vision impairment occurs.

The importance of routine eye care

No matter the age, routine eye exams are critical for vision and eye health. They can even save lives. Did you know that over 30 health conditions can be detected from an eye exam?

A routine eye exam can detect diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Not only are eye exams a good early detection strategy for overall health, they’re also a good prevention strategy.

One of the many challenges presented by the pandemic is a significant increase in screen time needed for virtual learning and remote working. As a result, many individuals suffer from eye discomfort. This is known as digital eye strain.

An annual eye exam provides the best chance to correct vision problems before they interfere with or cause difficulties with learning and working.

Routine eye care for children

Routine eye care is critical for children to maintain vision and eye health. Annual eye exams can also boost your child’s chances for academic and social success. Poor vision can impact learning when children cannot easily read books, see the board or view a computer screen. It can also impair eye-hand coordination needed for writing, drawing and sports.

Before 2021 arrives, make sure to use your vision benefits before they reset. Schedule an annual eye exam for you and your loved ones today!

Additional resources

Having trouble navigating the insurance lexicon? Check out our blog to better understand your vision and eye care benefits.

If you have any concerns about the eye exam process during COVID-19, you can download this guide from the American Academy of Ophthalmology and review the new procedures for routine eye care.


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