Frame, Combination

A frame whose front consists of a metal chassis with attached trim parts (sometimes known as top rims). These trim parts are typically plastic, aluminum or other metal, and are attached to the top portion of the chassis. Top rims may
serve functional or cosmetic purposes, or both.


Plastic or metal structure for holding lenses.


The measurement and/or adjustment of frames or mountings for the specific visual needs of the customer.

Fashion Eye Consultant

An optical assistant who helps patients select frames and fills out frame-related fields on the patient’s invoice(s).


A common term for hyperopia.

Eye Care Professional

An Ophthalmologist, an Optometrist or an Optician, as defined by the Plan, who has signed an agreement with the Claim Supervisor to provide Covered Services to Enrollees.


A term commonly used to describe an ophthalmic frame with lenses inserted.


The sense organ responsible for the sense of vision.

Executive Bifocal

Bifocal in which the near (reading) portion is across the entire bottom of the lens. Useful for extended close-up work (e.g., bookkeeping) at a desk.


Essilor is the largest eyewear manufacturer in the world with a nation-wide network of labs.


Eyewear Dispensing Program is the name for the new directed lab model of Versant Health.


The process of cutting a lens blank to the appropriate size and shape required for a particular frame.

Edge Polish

Edge of lens is polished from a cloudy appearance to a clear transparent edge.

Drill Mounts

Where the lenses are drilled to allow for mounting screws with rimless frames.


Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Agents. A term used by eye doctors for eye drops used for diagnostic purposes during an eye examination.

Dominant Eye

The eye that leads its mate during eye movements.


A unit of measure used in optics to designate less power, curvature or prism.

Dilated Examination (Dilation)

The enlargement of the pupil by the application of diagnostic drugs in the form of eye drops. The larger pupil opening allows more detailed inspection of the peripheral retina to facilitate diagnosis and documentation of numerous potential diseases or disorders.

Digital Single Vision Lenses

See Lens, Digital single vision.

Diagnostic Dilation

The opening of or enlarging of the pupil by means of eye drops to better see inside the eye.

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