Versant Health is one of the leading managed vision care companies in the United States and today, serves more than 4.5 million members in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. Dedicated to whole-person health we collect, analyze and share data along the continuum of care to help our health plans identify and drive best practices for optimal outcomes and cost of care savings. For these reasons, and because Versant Health is focused solely on strategic partnerships, we are truly a “health plan’s vision care plan.”

At Versant Health, our vision is to become the most trusted managed eye health and vision care plan provider for members, clients, and eye care professionals within the industry. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing tremendous savings, the ability to offer product exclusivity, and years of experience and expertise in the managed vision care industry.

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Our three complementary core services are designed to deliver exceptional, individualized care while managing eye care costs across the entire continuum.

  • Routine vision plans: Provide eye exams and corrective eyewear while promoting early detection and treatment of conditions.
  • Utilization management: Ensure your members get the proper care in the right place at the right time. Ensuring vision services meet strict criteria prevents fraud and abuse and protects the well-being of the member receiving care.
  • Medical claims review: See cost savings by eliminating reimbursement for unnecessary and duplicative procedures. Our Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) Program rigorously applies both pre-payment and post-payment measures.


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Healthy eyes and vision are priorities for everyone. Whether it’s a routine checkup or something more serious, we are committed to providing members with access to quality vision care. As a result, our members have more choices, streamlined support, and a more comprehensive range of services across the continuum of care—starting with eye health.

Retailers in the Network

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Costco® Optical

CVS Optical™

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Macy’s Optical

Pearle Vision℠

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Walmart Vision Centers

Innovations & Technology

Versant Health continuously invests in innovation and explores emerging vision care technologies and services that help improve access and outcomes for patients. Unlike other vision care companies, Versant Health is not owned by manufacturers, optical labs, retail chains or private retail, allowing greater exploration of new offerings to increase provider and member value.
Versant Health is positioned to help drive new vision sales growth with innovative vision programs. We provide members with access to integrated wellness and member engagement programs that are highly effective in improving quality outcomes and lowering health care costs.

Click here to learn more about Versant Health’s health plan product offerings or visit us at versanthealth.com.


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Versant Health 2nd Annual Vision Wellness Study

The second annual Vision Wellness Study looks at people’s perceptions of eye care during a landmark year for the healthcare industry, including the value of eye care services, interest in telemedicine, and concerns about eye care costs.

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Case Study: Leading the Way With Online Vision Care Variety

By adding well-known online retail providers to its network, online retailer claims among Versant Health’s members increased 133% within a matter of months. Versant Health’s expanded online retail network also supported members when they needed it most.

Infographic: Making Vision Care Count During a Crisis

Eye care is an essential service for Americans’ well-being. Healthy vision is an essential part of independent living, and eye exams are a window into overall health. As such, the role of eye care in wellness has never been more clear than during the COVID-19 pandemic that dominated most of 2020.

Infographic: Insurer Perspectives on Vision Care

The healthcare industry experienced extraordinary challenges in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Health plan decision-makers grappled with rapid responses to the crisis while making sure their members could access the care and services that support their ongoing health and wellness.

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White Paper: Ocular Telemedicine as an Enhancement for In-Person Eye Care

During times of challenge and crisis, telemedicine is playing an increasingly important role in eye care delivery. This cultural shift to ocular telemedicine has been sped up by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, with patients unable to easily access in-person care for non-emergencies. Our new whitepaper describes this paradigm shift but notes that in-person eye exams are still required in many cases.

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eBook: Keeping an Eye on Online Shopping Trends

Learn more about online shopping trends and how it’s changing what consumers want from a routine vision plan in our eBook.

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White Paper: The Prevalence of Falls among Older Adults — How Routine Vision Screening Can Help Minimize the Risks

Falls among adults age 65 and older are very costly for health plans, their members, and families. Each year about $50 billion is spent on non-fatal fall injuries and $754 million is spent on fatal falls. The financial toll is expected to increase as the population ages.

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