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Trusted Managed Vision Care for Third-Party Providers

Serving more than 39.0 million members nationwide, with over 20 years of experience, Versant Health is one of the nation’s leading managed vision care companies. Get in touch for an eye-opening chat and let us show you the real difference.

Real ROI for Clients

Versant Health delivers outstanding value, quality, and choice for our clients and members. Our competitive advantages continue to expand because our end-to-end integrated model consists of vision care, retail, and manufacturing cost controls. With customized plans all under one roof, employers and employees have a seamless experience—whether dealing with claims, customer service, or benefits administration.

Low Member Out-of-Pocket Costs

Delivering top-quality vision care at an exceptional value, all plans feature fully covered eye wear (including the Davis Vision Exclusive collection), so members can select fashionable eyewear at zero cost. An expanded online retail network—more important now than ever—lets members shop with convenience for frames, lenses, and contacts. Managed vision care plans even include LASIK and hearing benefit discounts.

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Set Your Health and Dental Plans Apart

Trusted vision benefits from Versant Health provide you with proven growth and strategic alignment with your goals, the ability to deliver financial returns, cost-of-care savings through data integration, and much more.

Health Plans Value Versant Health

98% in-network utilization* and 97% member satisfaction** proves members value the eye health and vision care plans they receive from Versant Health.

*Book of business report (01/2020).
**Book of business report (11/2019).

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Helpful Resources

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eBook: Value of Vision

Learn about the critical connection between eye health and overall wellness and how investing in managed vision care can help lower your medical and health care costs in our eBook.

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White Paper: The Medical Advantage of an Annual Eye Exam

In our white paper, Dr. Mark Ruchman — Chief Medical Officer of Versant Health — speaks to the benefits of eye exams, the importance of early detection and the financial implications for those without routine vision.

Infographic: The Financial Impact of Diabetes on Employers

With nearly two million new cases diagnosed each year, diabetes is becoming more prevalent in the United States and is the most common endocrine disease.

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