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Versant Health is one of the leading managed vision care companies in the United States and currently serves over 1.2 million members in Michigan. Through the combined history, experience, and professional expertise of Davis Vision® and Superior Vision®, the unified vision of Versant Health offers more services, options, and support to our health plan and commercial clients.

Understanding Health Plan Needs

Versant Health is a vision care health plan who understands clients’ needs, with over 25-years of providing services on a national basis to more than 40 strategic clients, including 20 Blues plans and their 7.6 million members. Versant Health is flexible in administering varied financial arrangements, private label or co-branding, government-mandated benefit designs, unique client and member support scenarios. We will work jointly with clients on future products and innovation to drive partnership goals to meet the needs of our strategic relationships.

Versant Health understands a health plan’s goal to develop key vendor relationships with those who meet high quality standards. We will work jointly with clients to provide innovative vision care benefits to meet the needs of our strategic relationships.

Leading Managed Vision Care Company for Government-Sponsored Plans

As the nation’s leading vision care company for government-sponsored health plans, our clients can trust that we have the internal resources and capabilities to meet the ever-changing regulatory and compliance requirements while providing members top-quality vision care with exceptional value.

We leverage over 25 years of providing routine vision and medical eye care services built on evidenced-based guidelines while also monitoring industry-related changes and best practices to ensure a high quality of care is delivered to members.

Our data analytics help support whole-person health, including diagnostic information captured during routine eye exams, which is then made available to health plans for early identification of chronic conditions and the development of treatment programs.

We align our comprehensive eye care and member engagement services with the HEDIS and Star quality measures, allowing for enhanced program success. Our programs have a proven track record in improving our members’ quality of care.


Our members can access quality eye care and depend on a seamless experience through plans that accommodate a broad range of demographic and economic needs. Our three complementary core services are designed to deliver exceptional, individualized care while managing eye care costs across the full continuum.

  • Routine vision care: Provide eye exams and corrective eyewear while promoting early detection and treatment of conditions.
  • Utilization management: Ensure your members get the right care in the right place at the right time.
  • Medical claims review: Gain from the cost efficiencies of our medical management programs, including an effective combination of prior authorization and prospective claims review—which typically reduces medical eye-related costs between 15 and 17 percent.

Driving Membership Choice and Satisfaction

We deliver high quality vision care that offers members multi-layers of choice when using their benefit. Whether choosing eyeglasses or contacts, members will experience low out-of-pocket costs and high satisfaction with Versant Health. An expanded online retail network – more important now than ever – lets members shop with convenience while using their insurance benefit on an in-network basis. Versant Health also has plans that include multiple value-added discounts, including LASIK and hearing aid benefits.


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Healthy eyes and vision are priorities for everyone. Whether it’s a routine checkup or something more serious, we are committed to providing members with access to quality vision care. As a result, our members have more choices, streamlined support, and a more comprehensive range of services across the continuum of care—starting with eye health.

Retailers in the Network

America’s Best

Costco® Optical

CVS Optical™

Eyemart Express

JCPenney Optical


Macy’s Optical

Pearle Vision℠

Sam’s Club Optical

Target Optical®


Walmart Vision Centers

Innovations & Technology

Versant Health is positioned to help drive new vision sales growth with innovative vision programs. We provide members with access to integrated wellness and member engagement programs that are highly effective in improving quality outcomes and lowering health care costs, including:  

  • Expansive Online Retail network
    Provide your health plan members an in-network online shopping solution that includes seamless integration with vision benefits and automatic claims submission through our new relationships with Befitting, Glasses.com, and 1-800 Contacts®.
  • Eyewear Dispensing Program
  • Our eyewear dispensing models allow members to have access to various lens options and coating, which is especially important for protecting eyes from blue light.
    • More lens choices and savings for members
    • Advanced online eyewear ordering experience for providers
    • Lens options include advanced digital progressives and blue light blocking technology

Media & Publications

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Brochure: Health Plan Services

Maintaining internal expertise and resources for vision-related needs can be costly. At Versant Health, we go beyond the annual eye exam and prescription. Our programs, resources, and extensive experience managing government-sponsored programs help ensure that health plan members receive quality vision services made available through a broad, diverse national network of eye care professionals.

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White Paper: The Medical Advantage of an Annual Eye Exam

In our white paper, Dr. Mark Ruchman — Chief Medical Officer of Versant Health — speaks to the benefits of eye exams, the importance of early detection, and the financial implications for those without access to routine vision care.

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Case Study: Online Retail Network

By adding well-known online retail providers to its network, online retailer claims among Versant Health’s members increased 133% within a matter of months. Versant Health’s expanded online retail network also supported members when they needed it most.

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White Paper: The Health and Financial Costs of Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes is a devastating condition affecting more than 30 million Americans (about 9.4% of the population). Worse yet, the American Diabetes Association estimates that more than seven million people aren’t even aware that they have this debilitating disease. Learn more in our white paper.

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White Paper: The Prevalence of Falls among Older Adults — How Routine Vision Screening Can Help Minimize the Risks

Falls among adults age 65 and older are very costly for health plans, their members, and families. Each year about $50 billion is spent on non-fatal fall injuries and $754 million is spent on fatal falls. The financial toll is expected to increase as the population ages.

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