Vision Plan Coverage: Impacting Employee Retention, Productivity and Well-Being

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Listen to Versant Health’s Amy Mann and Larry Opperman as they break down the role of vision coverage and how employers can better educate employees on its benefits.

Offering vision coverage is often seen as a healthcare benefits perk, but it also can contribute to employee loyalty, well-being and safety. It plays a key part in a comprehensive benefits package by helping attract and keep employees, while improving vision wellness.

Amy Mann, Versant Health’s vice president of human resources, says more than 50 percent of HR professionals agree that offering voluntary benefits like vision care helps organizations attract and retain employees.

“To employees, voluntary offerings, such as vision care, has really become the expectation of a competitive benefits package,” she says, adding that research has shown more than 68 percent of employees say having the option of enrolling in these programs can influence whether they select or stay with a company.

Premium vision benefits can also improve overall productivity by saving time and reducing work-related sick days that often goes unnoticed, notes Mann. Expanding vision coverage can affect a company’s financial and administrative bottom lines.

Versant Health’s regional vice president of third party commercial sales, Larry Opperman, says that with simple steps, such as adding safety eyewear programs or addressing digital eye strain (a condition that has been on the rise with increased remote working), employers can increase the value of coverage and quickly see administration efficiencies by streamlining billing, eligibility and more. He notes that the connection between safety eyewear programs and increasing administrative efficiencies has come a long way over the last 10 years in the vision space.

Both Mann and Opperman agree: clear vision is needed for employees to efficiently and effectively perform their jobs. Encouraging utilization of benefits can reduce downline medical costs for both employers and employees.

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