Routine Vision Care

Types of Plans Offered through Versant Health

Versant Health offers diverse and robust plans that meet a variety of demographic and economic needs.

Protocols for vision services, from routine eye exams to surgeries, change at a rapid pace. At Davis Vision, the only focus is monitoring and acting on these changes to provide vision solutions that ensure quality and appropriateness of care.

Americans who have vision coverage are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle.4 Annual eye exams and corrective eyewear, including frames and lenses, are at the core of our services.

Members have easy access to quality care through a broad network of doctors and staff in a range of settings – from local, independent eye care providers to large retail optical chains. We are determined to make eye care accessible for everyone.

Coverage from Davis Vision includes routine eye exams and corrective eyewear, including frames, lenses, and contact lenses as well as:

  • A large network of value-driven coverage
  • LASIK discount services
  • Eyewear options to suit every family member and lifestyle
  • Mobile-friendly apps and support

4. National Association of Vision Care Plans, 2017

With more than 140,000 points of access, Superior Vision has been providing comprehensive vision care benefits to millions of Americans across the country. Members have plenty of choice in where they receive care while remaining cost-effective.

Superior Vision has cultivated growth through sound relationships with eye care professionals across the country, and is a champion of ethical business practices that afford the fairest prices and unrivaled care.

Members can receive discounts on some optical surgery procedures and have access to Your Hearing Network for savings of up to 40% off the national average selling prices for brand name hearing aids. Additionally, members will benefit from:

  • A broad, diverse network for the ultimate choice in eye care professionals
  • A call center for navigating vision benefits
  • Mobile-friendly apps and support

The Importance of Good Eye Health

During these extraordinary times, good eye health means more than just having 20/20 vision. Research has shown that annual eye exams play a critical role in the early diagnosis of health conditions ranging from vision to cognitive functions and heart health. An eye exam can detect more than 30 different systematic and eye diseases, and a study found that 20% of people first learn they are diabetic as a result of an eye exam.

Vision itself is important too, and the risk of blindness can be reduced by 90% when diagnosed and treated with follow-up preventative care.

Starting routine eye care early is crucial considering that 80% of what a child learns is visual.1 Impaired vision can impact schoolwork, behavior, sports, and overall development when not addressed immediately so preventative action can be taken.

Finally, technology and screens continue to be used daily for work and socialization, and it’s taking a toll on our eyes. A reported 50 – 90% of computer and device users experience visual issues or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).2

Not only is good eye health indicative of an individual’s overall health, but it can impact every part of your work and social life. That is why Versant Health is committed to providing members with access to managed vision care to promote good eye health.

Video: Vision and eye health management solutions

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Comprehensive Benefits of Vision Care Plans

Photo of a child receiving an eye exam

A comprehensive vision care plan doesn’t begin and end with an eye exam. With Versant Health’s three core competencies in wellness vision, utilization management, and medical claims review, members are provided eye care services and help managing costs throughout the care continuum.

Managed eye health provided by Versant Health also helps with the costs of eye surgery. When preventative care is taken and maintained, it can reduce the need for costly medical procedures to begin with. Utilization management and medical claims review ensure that you are not paying for unnecessary or duplicate medical expenses before and after surgery.

Having a vision plan can help reduce the costs of routine and medical eye care. Comprehensive plans can also help you navigate surgical procedures so you receive quality care at a fair price. Considering 75% of the American population needs some form of vision correction, a vision care plan that encourages regular eye exams can be one of the best investments for your overall health.3

3. VisionExpo summary of the Vision Council’s report,

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