Vision Simulator

With the Versant Health Vision Simulator you can get a full 360 view of your sight — what you could see today and what you could miss seeing in the future

Two experiences are available, including our Sight Enhancement Simulator and our Vision Impairment Simulator.

Check them out to learn how to have better vision today and protect your sight for tomorrow

Sight is precious.
Take care of your eyes with regular exams and proper eyewear.

The tool cannot display properly at the current size. Trying a different orientation will likely solve the issue.

Please put your device in landscape mode.
For the optimal viewing experience, increase your volume and disable screen sleep and auto brightness.

Please put on your
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Be sure to put your device in landscape mode, disable screen sleep and auto-brightness, and turn your volume on.

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Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to slow the progression of glaucoma and preserve vision. Close Tip
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