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At Versant Health, it is our vision to become the most trusted managed eye health and vision care plan for members, clients, brokers, and eye care professionals in the industry. We hope that, by providing the eye care professionals in our network this portal and training on its use, we are on our way to achieving that vision!


Registering for the new portal

Logging in and selecting labs

Member lookup and eligibility

Submitting claims for services

Ordering eyewear (lab-supplied frame)

Ordering eyewear (frame to come)

Ordering contact lenses

Looking up claim and order status

Administrative management of users

Managing authorizations, voiding and ordering from legacy portal

Placing and checking status of Excel Advantage orders

Videos for doctors not participating in the Eyewear Dispensing Program

Member lookup and claims status

Submitting claims - Davis Vision

Submitting claims - Superior Vision

Submitting claims - Contact lenses

Guides and documents

April 3, 2020 release updates

Our April 3, 2020 portal release includes the following improvements and corrections to functionality.

Comprehensive portal guide

View this guide for complete instructions regarding the portal.

Quick start guide

Jump right in! This guide will get you started and show you a few key portal functions.

Reference guide: Davis Vision

View phone numbers specific to Davis Vision eye care professionals.

Reference guide: Superior Vision

View phone numbers specific to Superior Vision eye care professionals.

Quick reference guide

This guide answers common questions surrounding the Eyewear Dispensing Program and portal.

Eyewear Dispensing Program Nationwide Lab Network

With labs across the country, there is likely one near you.

Eyewear formulary

We are pleased to present the formulary associated with our Eyewear Dispensing Program.

Eyewear formulary (private label)

Here is the private label formulary associated with our Eyewear Dispensing Program.

Remake and warranty policies for commercial and Medicare orders

The policies outlined in this document ensure that your orders have the proper remake and warranty coverage.

Remake and warranty policies for Medicaid orders

The policies outlined below ensure that your orders have the proper Medicaid remake and warranty coverage.

Medicaid fashion frame catalog

Comprehensive portal guide for retailers

Retailers can view this guide for complete instructions regarding the portal.

Questions and answers

We greatly value the feedback our eye care providers have offered following the introduction of our new portal. Below you will find the most recent version of the most common questions and answers that come from our eye care professionals as they access the portal and attend webinars.

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Question: Are we able to use our own lab or are we required to use a contracted laboratory?

This depends on your current state legislation. You should contact provider relations to verify.

Question: Under U&C charges why can't I add charges to my claim?

You can only enter U&C charges for the following : exams and contact lens fittings claims, doctor-supplied frame and doctor-supplied contact lens orders.

Question: How far back can we submit a claim?

This depends on the plan deadlines; most are 180 days unless listed.

Question: How do we get authorizations or verification numbers when pulling up a patient?

The EDP system does not use authorization numbers, but you can track the progress of your claim or order through the Order and Claim History page of the ECP Portal.

Question: How do I order lab supplied frame when not using the Newtown Square lab?

If the member is eligible, the ECP would need to click lab supplied frame under (job type). The portal has all collection frames pre-loaded and the lab will acquire the frame.

Question: Is Versant 21st Century Optical - Long Island an Essilor lab?

Please see the list of lab locations in the guides section of this web page for the most up-to-date list of labs.

Question: How do you print shipping labels for the lab?

You may contact the Essilor lab from which you are ordering and they will provide you with shipping labels.

Question: Do Medicaid replacements follow state guidelines?

Yes, replacements are based on state benefits and Versant Health’s contract.

Question: Can you explain ancillary services?

Ancillary services are also called medical optometry services. Some Medicaid plans allow for payment of these services.

Question: Progressive and Transitions lenses already have scratch coating on them, so why are we charging for them?

You are not charging for the coating itself, just the scratch warranty- which allows the patient a remake if lenses get scratched.

Question: How do I return contacts sent to me by accident?

You should have shipping labels for all the labs you use and you can return them using that label.

Question: Is Varilux Comfort 2 under premium category?

You can access the formulary in the guide’s section of this page.

Question: How do I change my password? The old one does not work.

If you need to reset your password for the EDP / New website you do not have to call in for support. Follow the “Forgot password” prompts to reset it. See the comprehensive portal guide for more help.

Question: How can we file a claim for lenses and exam, where frame is patient supplied?

After selecting the member, select doctor supplied frames and spectacle lens on the claim order.

Question: How can we delete a duplicate order?

On the Orders/Claims History page, you can access the draft order, which has a status of Draft Action Required. To the right of the order, click the red (X) to delete the draft. A confirmation message displays to confirm that the record has been deleted.

Question: Can I get a copay summary to give the patients after we have billed to show them their copayment?

Not yet. This is something that was offered on the old portal and may be available on future versions of the new portal.

Question: Is Bartley doing old Davis Vision redos that require scratch warranties? Or do we still send them to the Davis Vision Lab?

Davis Vision lab is still handling warranties for jobs done in their lab.

Question: Do the Superior Vision patients select frames from the Davis Vision Exclusive collection?

Superior Vision Medicaid patients will now select frames from the yellow tag frames from the exclusive collection. Superior Vision commercial members are not required to use the Davis Vision Exclusive Collection.

Question: We have not received our Medicaid frame kit. How can I get one?

Please call Davis Vision or Superior Vision Customer Service.

Question: How do we get paid for dispensing glasses? There is no where to enter that.

Claims for dispensing fees are automatically entered when you place your order as part of the integrated process.

Question: For Medicaid, do we need to follow the single replacement policy?

The total number of remakes for Medicaid is state-specific. We will honor what the state allows.

Question: Can we change labs from the one we originally chose?

Yes. In manage lab accounts from the hamburger menu on the portal you can complete that. All network labs are listed there.

Question: What if I have a lab in my office? Can I use it?

There are certain states that allow eye care professionals to use their own labs instead of our lab network. Check the contract amendment we sent you.

Question: Is there any way to see if a patient's benefit plans can be split for services?

Not in the portal. If you are trying to submit an order that can’t be placed on the portal you can also use the PDF lab order form.

Question: How do we determine if we supply the contact lens or if Versant Health does?

The contact lens formulary is listed on the portal under “reference tools”. If the lens the patient is getting is on the list it is supplied by us, if it isn’t you will supply it using the member’s allowance. Typically, Superior Vision eye care professionals supply their own contact lenses.

Question: Will we receive notices when the bulletin board is updated?

Assuming you mean the resources section of the portal, day-to-day additions and revisions will not trigger notifications. However, major changes will trigger email communication to eye care professionals.

Question: Where can I print up modifier codes and provider procedure codes?

The modifier and codes are part of the additional resources in the portal – look in the hamburger icon in the upper left corner to access it.

Question: When I click on exam frame and lenses the contact fit disappears. How do we file that?

This is more member specific, and depends on the specific member coverage. We see that most plans cover the contact lens fit if the member orders contact lenses. Review the eligible coverage. The contact lens fitting may be an out of pocket fee for the member if they order frames.

Question: When do we use S-codes?

S codes are not used for Davis Vision exams. They are used for Superior Vision exams.

Question: What kind of lenses can we offer for Blue Light filter? What is considered Blue Light filter?

Please see the formulary by clicking here. It describes all tiers and options.

Question: What is the reimbursement for a provider-supplied frame?

It’s typically 55% of the member’s allowance.

Question: Is there a way of pulling up Explanations of Payment (EOPs) on the website?

Unfortunately, not. Those are on the InstaMed portal. Go to their website to log in https://online.instamed.com/providers/Form/Account/Login, or call them at (866) 467-8263 for help.

Question: Is a warranty for frame and lenses included on all plans?

Yes, warranty is included on all orders.

Question: In case of DDOL, patient supplied frame, why can't I submit a claim with $0 for V2020?

You should be able to submit this by selecting lenses only. There is no need to submit anything for a patient supplied frame since no frame benefit is being used.

Question: If I want physio progressives and polycarbonate, do I simply type that on the search bar?

Yes, you can start with progressives and select the specific lens from the selections that are available in the portal.

Question: I need to call in a VDT pair of eyeglasses. What number should I use?

You should call the lab from which you will place the order. The complete list of labs can be found here.

Question: How do we know what contact lenses you supply?

The contact lens formulary is in the guides section of the training hub.

Question: How do I get to the InstaMed portal?

You can go to the InstaMed website at https://online.instamed.com/providers/Form/Account/Login, or call them at (866) 467-8263 for help setting up your portal.

Question: How can I check on a very old claim for Davis Vision submitted on 08/20/2019?

You should be able to check the claim status in the portal.

Question: For Medicaid patients can they choose a provider frame? Or do they have to choose from the ones we received in the mail?

Medicaid patients need to choose from the frame collection unless your contract specifically states otherwise, or they are in a Medicaid buy-up state.

Question: Can we use Davis Vision tower frames for Superior Vision patients?

You can use the Davis Vision collection “yellow tag” frames for Superior Vision Medicaid patients. Superior Vision plans have a frame allowance and if they want a Davis Vision collection frame you would have to order it through Excel Advantage, for which there is a link on the portal dashboard.

Question: Can we do blue zero Shamir Superior Vision lenses?

Please see the formulary by clicking here. It describes all tiers and options.

Question: Are lenses always without scratch coating unless you specify?

The lenses always come with scratch coating, you just need to specify if the patient is paying for the scratch protection warranty.

Question: A claim I filed came back with a pencil attached to it. It stated that the member was no longer eligible. What should we do?

Call EDP support to verify if the benefits are still valid, provide them with the eligibility number, and you ask them for support pushing that claim thru.

Question: What if registering a lab displays a fail process error?

Please contact Versant Health at 1 (877) 235-5316 if you are a Davis Vision ECP or 1 (877) 235-5317 if you are a Superior Vision ECP for lab registration fail process issues.

Question: Why isn't the member's account number on the Explanation of Payment? Sometimes they have a patient account number, which is not the same as the member number, or sometimes the number is unknown.

InstaMed is the best resource for this issue. The link to the InstaMed login is on the portal.

Question: Will we be getting a negative balance statement anytime soon? Our doctor has not paid anything yet. How does he know what to pay?

Please call InstaMed for support on this matter, which you can find that number in the resources section under the Hamburger Icon which is located in the upper left corner of the portal.

Question: When searching for patients will the whole family come up anymore? It seems like they each have their individual member ID #

Membership is at the individual level. Enter the member’s date of birth and id or last name. If the patient is a dependent, enter the patient’s date of birth and last name. You may be presented with more than one option when searching. Verify the patient’s complete name, relationship and group information before selecting.

Question: When I try to file for contacts and the fit/follow up, the V codes will not come up. Does it require you to file the contacts and fit/follow up separately?

Look closely at the member’s benefits. If the contact lens fit and follow-up is covered it should let you. If not you may need to collect payment from the member and file the contact lens claim only. If it is in their benefits, there may be a technical glitch that requires trouble shooting – please call in to the EDP line for support. You can also submit a Lab Order Form, which is found in the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the portal, under Laboratory Order Form and follow the instructions on the form for the claim to be entered in the site for you.

Question: Should we go file separate claims for exam and material orders?

We recommend that ECPs submit claims and orders together if they can, because not all patients allow splitting the benefits. It is a good idea to check the member’s benefits to review splitting rules if you have this question.

Question: Why can't I get the usual and customary charges to enter after submitting a job?

There is no need to enter usual and customary charges for lab orders unless you are supplying the frame or contact lenses.

Question: Why are we unable to enter a price for lenses even though the benefits say lenses are covered?

The price of lenses are pre-determined by the fee schedule in your contract.

Question: Where do we go on the portal to process claims for lab supplied contacts?

Select the member, then Contact Lenses, then ORDER/CLAIM- this will allow you to order lab supplied contact lenses.

Question: Where can we see the status of the jobs?

Go to the Orders/Claims History page to see the current status of the order. The ECP should contact the originating lab for specific shipping dates. For jobs being fabricated by an Essilor lab, call the lab; for jobs being fabricated by NTS, please call Versant Health at 1 (800) 773-2847.

Question: When entering lenses it will not let us proceed because a pop up on the top right of the screen shows up. It says "please review your values." What does that mean?

Typically, this happens because you enter either decimals or dollar signs. Please try again without those.

Question: What Google Chrome should we use to optimize our experience with the portal.

Google Chrome 65 or higher should be chosen. It can be downloaded here https://www.google.com/chrome/.

Question: What do the different lab order status mean? What is Draft Action Required?

Draft Action Required indicates that the claim or order has been started and saved, but not completed or submitted. Either click the pencil to edit it or clear it and start over. The rest of the lab order statuses are available in Appendix C of the Comprehensive Portal Guide.

Question: The new portal does not display an authorization showing the benefit as before, or expiration date. Is this an error?

We no longer issue authorizations. You will verify benefits and eligibility and submit for those services they are eligible for which are clear in the portal.

Question: Must I select practitioner prior to validation of member benefits?

Yes. It is good practice to select a practitioner to identify whether the member’s benefits can be applied in or out of network.

Question: Is there an easy way to search for the exact lens material and type of lenses?

You should be able to type in the lens type and it will populate with all available options, so you won’t need to search.

Question: Can medical optometry claims be submitted through the portal?

Yes, as long as the patient’s benefit includes medical optometry through the Versant Health network.

Question: In the new system, please confirm authorization is no longer required before we submit a claim. We were not able to generate a verification number when we try to verify our patient's eligibility and benefits.

Authorizations are not required for routine services, as they were with Davis Vision in the past. Now you verify benefits and eligibility and submit claims for the services the patient is eligible for directly through the portal.

Question: If a Davis Vision patient has an open authorization in the old portal, will the box automatically pop up or do we have to click on something to check?

Yes. If there is an open authorization you should see a pop up that will take you to the page where you can either clear the authorization or complete the order in the legacy portal.

Question: The portal will not allow me to order more than one diagnosis. What do I do?

Begin with the primary diagnosis, and then select additional diagnosis codes as you continue the order or claim.

Question: I need to reinstate two cancelled orders but they have not been released. What do I do?

You must call in to cancel an order to ensure that the patient’s benefits are reinstated. The reinstatement will be done automatically when you cancel the order with Essilor. It takes about 48 hours for benefits to be reinstated.

Question: I just went to my portal to file a claim for supplied contacts. The only button that came up is claim order button, not claim only. What should I do?

Please see this video.

Question: I have a delayed or defective order. Where can I get an update on the order?

If you have urgent questions about your order, please contact the specific laboratory that is servicing you.

Question: How do you bill provider-supplied contact lenses?

Select “Contact Lens”, then the CLAIM button. (not order/claim).

Question: How do we get a summary sheet to give the patient?

You can still view and print the service record form, or print the detailed benefit summary.

Question: How do we access the legacy portal?

Visit davisvision.com. Or, when the ECP signs into the Versant Health portal, the pop-up message will ask if they have an order prior to their start date and allow the ECP to select the hyperlink.

Question: How do I view benefits and eligibility on web site?

From the portal dashboard, select the office location and practitioner associated with the patient’s visit. Then enter the date of service, the patient’s date of birth and last name (or member ID). Then click search. The member’s eligibility information displays and below that, a detail of the member’s benefits.

Question: How do I submit a contact lens claim?

Please see this video.

Question: How do I check payment status for submitted claims?

You will receive an Explanation of Payment (EOP). Online, you can check the InstaMed portal https://online.instamed.com/providers/Form/Account/Login.

Question: How can we check claim status online?

Claim status is easily searchable using smart search functionality available in your portal dashboard once you log in and select a practice.

Question: Have sunglasses AR coatings been added to the portal?

Yes, depending on the materials ordered / available.

Question: How do we submit for replacement glasses or frames? Do I have up to 30 days for a redo?

Please see the remakes, warranties section of the comprehensive portal guide, or the specific document in the guide’s section.

Question: What is the process for choosing a lab?

You need to register the labs you plan to use for commercial jobs prior to submitting your job or claim. When you begin an order, you select the lab you want to fulfill the order using the Laboratory Account# field in the Eyewear tab. You see this field after you complete the Rx fields. You can only select a lab that is registered for the current location. This process works for non-Medicaid patients. For commercial and Medicare members, you will order your lenses from the Essilor network. All Medicaid jobs are completed through the Newtown Square lab. When you select a member who receives Medicaid benefits the Newton Square lab should pre-select. All ECPs who are participating in the eyewear dispensing program must use the nationwide lab network unless their contract allows otherwise. Please see your contract amendment via a DocuSign agreement that was sent by Spring CM. You can use any of the labs in our nationwide network. Their locations can be found here.

Question: Can you give me a phone number to fax the order form to? It only has an email. I do not have an encrypted email so cannot email the form.

Encrypted email is now required in order to adhere to patient privacy guidelines. Please call into the EDP customer support line for assistance.

Question: Can we still retrieve the patient benefit upgrade list from Davis Vision?

You can access the detailed member benefit list which shows exactly what they are entitled to along with co-pay amounts, and you can also view the service request form that you used to see on the Davis Vision portal.

Question: Are submitting claims the same as ordering glasses through the portal?

Both functions are on the portal, but slightly different. You may submit a claim only without ordering materials, submit for claims and orders, or submit orders only. You will choose which function based on what is available once you select the member. But you must choose a practitioner for “claims only” to work.

Question: I started an order for a patient, then later forgot and started a new one for the same patient and submitted it. But the 1st incomplete order is still there. How can I delete that?

On the Orders/Claims History page, you can access the draft order, which has a status of Draft Action Required. To the right of the order, click the red (X) to delete the draft. A confirmation message displays to confirm that the record has been deleted.

Question: Do we have to pick from the frame catalog?

If it’s a Versant Health supplied frame, you will need to select the frame from the list of collection frames. Davis Vision members typically use frames from the Exclusive Collection, as do Superior Vision Medicaid members.

Question: Where do I log in for Davis Vision or Superior Vision member?


Question: Do we need to register Davis Vision and Superior Vision separately or we can manage both by logging in on one?

If you have both a DV office ID # and a SV office ID number, it is a good idea to register both for the same location so you can serve patients from both companies. Only one number will need to be registered for that office address.

Question: Do multiple office ID's require a separate login?

No. After you register each location, each time the ECP logs in, the Office IDs that are associated with the TIN display. They just have to select the location.