Medical Policy Council

A differentiator for Versant Health, our Medical Policy Council assists in assessing our medical policies, use of technologies, quality improvement, and outcomes analysis. Council members include independent clinical experts from active practices who have trained or have appointments at leading institutions.

Headshot of Mark Ruchman
The expertise and independent judgment of our Medical Policy Council is a unique component of the value we bring to our health plan clients.

Dr. Mark Ruchman
Chief Medical Officer

Comprised of expertise spanning a variety of ophthalmic specialties, including cataract surgery, corneal disease, refractive surgery, glaucoma, vitreo-retinal disorders (including diabetic eye disease), pediatric ophthalmology, strabismus, oculoplastic reconstructive surgery, and medical ethics, our Medical Policy Council is chaired by Neelam Gor, MD.

Headshot of Neelam Gor

Neelam Gor, MD

Chief Clinical Officer

Headshot of Scott Greenstein

Scott Greenstein, MD​

Cataract Surgery, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary / Harvard Medical School

Headshot of Jason Horowitz

Jason Horowitz, MD

Retinal Surgery, Harkness Eye Institute / Columbia University Medical School

Headshot of Alan Robin

Alan Robin, MD

Glaucoma, Wilmer Eye Institute / Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and University of Michigan

Headshot of Bradley Smith

Bradley Smith, OD

Comprehensive Optometry,
Prime Eye Care PC (AZ)

Headshot of Megan Collins

Megan Collins, MD

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Medical Ethics, Wilmer Eye Institute / Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Headshot of Mark Mayo

Mark Mayo, MD

LASIK and Cataract Surgeon,
Eye Center of Texas

Headshot of Fawziya Mirza

Fawziya Mirza

Comprehensive Optometry,
Maple Lawn Eyecare Center

Headshot of Delesie Johnson

Dr. Delesie P. Johnson

Therapeutic Optometrist, Credentialing & Clinical Reviewer, Versant Health

Headshot of Robert Loeb

Robert Loeb, MD

Comprehensive Ophthalmology,
University of Maryland

Headshot of Zeba Syed

Zeba A. Syed

Associate Director, Cornea Fellowship Program, Wills Eye Hospital, and author of Pearls for Management of Pseudomonas Scleritis

Headshot of Davinder Grover

Davinder S. Grover, MD, MPH

Attending Surgeon and Clinician at Glaucoma Associates of Texas

Headshot of Yoshihiro Yonekawa

Yoshihiro Yonekawa, MD

Adult and Pediatric Retina Surgeon at Wills Eye Hospital / Mid Atlantic Retina

Headshot of Mindabeth Levin

Mindabeth Levin, OD

Clinical Director

Headshot of Ashok Sehgal

Ashok Sehgal, MD

Medical Director

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