Virtual instruction means that children will be heavily reliant on devices for learning, which could result in digital eye strain.
Healthy eyes and vision are an essential part of a child’s development. Below are some of the most common eye problems in children and the symptoms parents should be aware of.
According to the Better Vision Institute, only 14 percent of children have had a comprehensive vision exam before they enter first grade.
Children and sports go together like baseball and apple pie. Unfortunately, sports and concussions also go hand-in-hand, and children are no exception.
A child requires various abilities to thrive in school, and good vision is paramount. Understanding visual skills needed by your child to succeed in school is key.
Not only is it important to understand and recognize the symptoms of concussions, it is also imperative to understand the effects these injuries may have on eye health so you get your child the vision care they need.
Here are some back-to-school tips to keep in mind in regard to your child's vision.
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