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Falls are the current leading cause of injuries for older Americans, and many of them result in permanent disability and fatalities. The risk of falling for older adults doubles if they have impaired vision from a degenerative eye disease like diabetic retinopathy. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, more older adults are living independently. This makes it even more crucial to focus on vision care and diabetic retinopathy.

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The health care industry has been revolutionized by COVID-19, accelerating telemedicine’s adoption and changing the fundamental way people access care. While many people have already started to adapt to care in the time of a pandemic, workplace open enrollment season during COVID-19 is new ground, with many unsure how they could be impacted by changes in reimbursement policies and health coverage stemming from the pandemic.


As open enrollment gets underway, HR leaders are likely to inform employees of their dental and vision benefits. This year, it’s also an opportunity to encourage workers to speak with their dentist and eye care provider about the safety measures that care providers have put in place for office visits, or the virtual care they may be offering.

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