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Screenshot of a cover for a white paper titled ocular telemedicine as an enhancement for in-person eye care

White paper: Ocular telemedicine as an enhancement for in-person eye care

During times of challenge and crisis, telemedicine is playing an increasingly important role in eye care delivery. This cultural shift to ocular telemedicine has been sped up by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, with patients unable to easily access in-person care for non-emergencies. Our new whitepaper describes this paradigm shift but notes that in-person eye exams are still required in many cases.

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eBook: Five ways to maximize open enrollment success

Open enrollment is an important time for your organization. It’s an opportunity to tidy up your benefits packages to ensure you’re investing in perks and promoting programs your employees will use. In this eBook you will learn five ways to maximize your open enrollment success.

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Cover of an eBook about investing in vision

eBook: Investing in vision

Learn about the critical connection between eye health and overall wellness and how investing in managed vision care can help lower your medical and health care costs in our eBook.

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Cover of an eBook about how to sell vision insurance

eBook: Selling vision insurance 101

Whether you are interested in becoming a vision insurance producer or are an industry veteran, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your sales knowledge. Selling vision insurance is a great way to diversify your portfolio while getting paid a competitive commission on every sale.

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Screenshot of an eBook about the 2020 Versant Health Vision Wellness Study

2020 Versant Health Vision Wellness Study

The Versant Health 2020 Vision Wellness Study takes a deep dive into respondent’s perceptions and opinions of eye care as it relates to overall health and wellness, from the frequency of eye exams, to highly-valued vision services, to controlling health costs through eye care.

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