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Whether someone is eight or 80, eye exams are critical for healthy eyes and vision. In honor of National Eye Exam Month in August, schedule your eye exam today and make an eye exam part of your preventative care routine.
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Wearing sunscreen, properly hydrating and taking time out of the sun are some of the best ways to protect ourselves from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays during the summer. However, protection doesn’t stop at the skin. This UV Safety Awareness Month, we must not forget the value of protecting our eyes from the sun.
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Virtual eye care options have become critical components of holistic health, and cutting-edge managed care organizations like Versant Health are leading the charge in innovative and technology-driven ways to engage members in their vision health.
Woman wearing sunglasses and sitting in room
Over time, too much UV exposure can damage the eye in several ways. Fortunately, your strongest defense is easy: a well-made pair of sunglasses.
Cataracts are common in older adults, affecting almost 50% of the population aged 80 and over. Although cataracts are one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, accounting for more than 40% of cases, they are also one of the most treatable serious eye conditions.
Two young girls playing lacrosse
According to The Lighthouse Guild, every year 100,000 eye injuries in the U.S. are related to sports activities, and of those injuries, around 13,500 lead to some degree of permanent vision loss.  However, the American Academy of Ophthalmology notes that an estimated 90% of serious eye injuries sustained during sports could be prevented by wearing appropriate protective eyewear.
Sandy Orsulak
Sandy Orsulak, RN, BSN, is Vice President of Clinical Operations at Versant Health. Here, she discusses her career journey, tackling large projects successfully, and her advice for the next generation of female healthcare professionals.
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Government plan administrators know that navigating treatment options can be a complex and daunting undertaking for patients and clinicians alike. Amid a sea of information, how best to decide which path to take and which to avoid? For many administrators, clinicians, and patients, the decision comes down to evidence-based guidelines.
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Women still struggle to show their true selves in the workplace. Whether we become stuck in dying stereotypes only to overcompensate with a punch down attitude - or simply minimize ourselves to stay afloat in ever-changing currents; we cannot and will not become the leaders we aspire to be until we stop apologizing for who we are and lean into our personal truths.
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