Overhead view of laptops
Electronic devices that light up emit varying degrees of blue light, which include cell phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Here's what you need to know.
Close up of eye
Learn about why cataracts develop and how you can lower your risk of getting them.
Close up of woman with eye glasses
This listing details some of the most popular options and explains how they can help you experience the best results from your new eyeglasses.
Close up view of eye
Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to slow the progression of glaucoma and preserve vision.
Internal view of eye
Don't have diabetes? Arm yourself with information! Simple steps can protect your health and vision.
Older man sitting on porch using a laptop computer
Particularly affecting the 65 and older age group, it is a disease that is progressing exponentially.
Smiling black woman with glasses
We've created this simple guide to educate and help you better understand the types of lenses and wide assortment of lens options that are available.
Straight view of woman's eye
Find answers to frequently asked questions about laser vision correction (LASIK) here.
Blurred view of tree
Low vision is a visual impairment, not total vision blindness, which results in a permanent decrease in the acuity of an individual's vision field.
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