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Wearing sunscreen, properly hydrating and taking some time out of the sun are some of the best ways we can protect ourselves from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays during the summer. However, protection doesn’t stop at the skin – this UV Safety Awareness Month we must not forget the value of wearing sunglasses and protecting your eyes, as well.
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Vision care may not always receive the attention and consideration from health plan decision-makers that it should. Vision is a critical point of care, as one aspect of health most likely to directly affect a health plan member’s everyday life, from birth to old age.
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Offering voluntary vision as part of an employee benefits package can help improve employees' lives, increase access to quality vision care and reduce associated health costs. Access to vision benefits is an important factor in access to vision care for many Americans.
While telemedicine for vision care is still evolving, the concept itself is here to stay, particularly in the age of the digital native, who is not only prepared for digitized, remote medical care, but expects it.
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June marks not only the start of summer but also National Cataract Awareness Month, a time where we recognize the danger of cataracts as well as the preventative measures people can take to protect their vision.
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Addressing social determinants of health factors is necessary to properly manage patients’ health, prevent serious health conditions, and improve health outcomes in our communities.
Vision care is crucial to the health of millions of American workers and their ability to remain productive. Adding vision to health and dental plans makes vision care more accessible.
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Healthy Vision Month is the perfect time to think about the importance of preventative eye care in healthy vision, clear sight and overall wellness. Just as eating well and getting exercise are signs of a healthy lifestyle, routine vision eye care is equally important.
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Vitamin D is also critical for eye health. From improving tear function to reducing the risk of macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma, vitamin D has a positive effect on eyesight in many ways.