Preview of an infographic about the financial impact of diabetes on oral and eye health
It is estimated that 84 million Americans are pre-diabetic, meaning access to preventative care and early detection are critical in lowering medical costs. Learn more about the financial impact diabetes has on oral and eye health in our latest infographic.
Preview of an infographic with statistics about Davis Vision's support of labor clients
Since 1964, union members have trusted Davis Vision to provide an eye care experience that's transparent, simple and accessible. See how we support our union members in our labor by the numbers infographic.
Preview of an infographic that talks about diabetic eye disease by the numbers
30 million Americans have diabetes, and diabetes-related blindness costs can total more than $500 million per year. See more facts in our infographic.
Graphic that explains yoga for the eyes
Yoga is a wonderful exercise for both flexibility and stress reduction. But did you know it can also benefit your eyes and vision? Our newest infographic shows you three yoga exercises for your eyes that can relieve eyestrain and support overall eye health.
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