White papers and eBooks

Cover for an eBook about dental and vision care
In this eBook, we'll discuss the connection between vision and oral health and how having access to both dental and vision care benefits can foster greater wellness.
Construction worker with safety goggles
In this eBook, we'll explore some of the common causes of workplace-related eye injuries, identify the issues, and discuss ways to prevent these accidents from happening.
Medical professional holding a tablet
Which begs the question: When a company offers medical management services, are they really providing what you asked for? Probably not. Discover what true utilization management looks like in our latest white paper: The benefits of true utilization management.
Woman receiving an eye exam
In our white paper, Dr. Mark Ruchman — Chief Medical Officer of Versant Health — speaks to the benefits of eye exams, the importance of early detection and the financial implications for those without routine vision.