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The third annual Vision Wellness Study surveyed consumers on their evolving perceptions of eye care over the past two years of living with a global pandemic, including the importance they place on eye care services, their beliefs about the connections between eye health and overall health, and the factors that influence current insurance benefit decisions.

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Your health and wellness are shaped by the environment in which you live, socioeconomic factors, and health-related behaviors. The culmination of those factors is known as social determinants of health (SDoH). While SDoH impact whole-body health, they are also critical to eye health and vision-related disease management.

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A survey from Versant Health in February 2021 indicated that patients approved of and enjoyed the benefits associated with virtual vision care. Researchers found that 38 percent of participants under 40 believed that having the option of virtual care would enormously increase the frequency of their appointments.

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In the United States alone, 34.2 million adults have diabetes. Diabetes-related vision impairment and the associated costs affect all age groups, demographics, and health plans. For this reason, it’s critical that health plans and their partners understand how best to identify, educate and positively impact at-risk members.

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‘Tis the holiday shopping season—and in addition to gifts for loved ones, many health plan members will look to check end-of-year items off their lists, like spending the remainder of their FSA. While they’re thinking about their end-of-year to-dos, health plan partners should be connecting with their members about the benefits of routine eye care.

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